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Why you need Faux Fur Cotton-Padded Winter Coat


Why you need Faux Fur Cotton-Padded Winter Coat


Less Expensive

Faux fur is more affordable. That implies there will be lots of extra money to spend on expensive accessories. Additionally, you still have enough money left enough to buy event tickets so you can flaunt your hot new faux fur coat.

Breathability ideal

One of the coziest things you can wear in the winter is a faux fur coat. You could even be able to wear a fur coat during mild spring and fall temps, depending on the sort of fur jackets you have. The fact that most fur coats are breathable is a pleasant bonus. The dense fur gives off the impression that it would keep air from reaching the body, but in reality, it just lets in the precise quantity required to allow your skin to breathe. Everyone loves a good winter coat, but you also don't want to perspire when you enter a building where it's a little warmer. You will have the best breathability possible, which will balance keeping you warm.

Maximum Comfort

When getting dressed that morning, comfort can be your top priority because it's a chilly winter day. Consider buying a fur coat to replace those layers rather than adding more clothing and feeling restricted in your movement as a result. The maximum in comfort is provided by the warm fur in conjunction with the natural breathability. Depending on where you live and the type of winter weather that is typical, you can shop for a variety of autumn collections. Others might choose for different fur coats that keep you warm on kinder winter days. 

Essentially Easier to Clean

Additionally, faux fur is easier to keep and clean. While there are still precautions you MUST take to guarantee the beauty and lifespan of your furry friend, you can wash and clean your fluffy at home by hand! 


We are aware of how enticing these faux fur accessories and coats can be. I mean, look at them! You may prowl the streets in any one of these stunning vehicles. We've compiled a list of a few distinct faux fur coat styles and the people they'll look best on in order to help you narrow down your options while shopping for faux fur.

 At Nowena Store, we offer a wide variety of faux fur coats to ensure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. And even if you don’t know what you want, our experts can help you by asking questions about how you will primarily wear it, what you look for in comfort, how you like coats to fit, and many more.  If you have any other questions about the benefits of a real fur coat or how to find the right one for you, contact us at any time.

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