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What secrets of hiding belly and side fat?


What secrets of hiding belly and side fat?

Many women feel self-conscious about their midsections when dressed, especially for special occasions. We tend to spend a lot of hours choosing which best suits us specially those who have bigger tummies. We want to show you a list of recommendations to help you hide your belly and side fat underneath your clothes.

1. Choose loose clothes over tight ones.Women's Casual Solid Color One Shoulder Ladies Autumn Knit Suit nowena store

Your best option is to wear all-one-color clothing. Although pastel hues are still OK for you to wear, dark colors do help you appear more toned. You can dress in shades of beige, cream, pistachio, and light pink. The most crucial factor, though, is the way the clothing is cut.

2. Pay attention to clothes with vertical stripes.

Printed Striped V-neck Pocket Long Sleeve Dress Women


Vertical decorations, patterns, and stripes give you a taller, more athletic appearance. However, you should also take into account the stripes' width and periodicity. Wearing clothing with wide stripes can make you appear larger, so choose for garments with little, frequent stripes.

3. Highlight a different part of your body.

Women’s Casual Long Skirt Shiny Stretch Satin Slit Long Party Dress nowena store


You can draw attention to your breasts to divert focus away from your stomach. Black dresses, traditional pants, blouses, and pencil skirts are simple but fascinating clothing items without deep cleavage.

4. Choose clothes a little longer than the knee or maxi length.Long Sleeve Maternity Dress With Cross Deep V Neck Belt

You can pick straight-cut dresses when it comes to clothing. Large flowers, like the one in the picture, are a wonderful option.



To go out, you may need special compressive underclothes that hide the flaws of the body. Using this special underwear, you will look more fit.

Use Ultra Tummy Control Panties High Waist Shaping Butt Lifter Underwear Seamless Slimming Girdle.
Women Ultra Tummy Control Panties High Waist Shaping Butt Lifter Underwear Seamless Slimming Brief Girdle Panty
  • These Black High Waist Body Shaper for Women are made of high elastic fabric, which can help to tighten your bottom and lift up your butts for a sexier look.
  • The Women Tummy Control Panties are the best choice for women's shaping, which can firmly control your abdomen and give you an elegant hourglass figure.
  • High Waist Shapewear for Women will keep your thighs slim. And our high-waist briefs are designed to prevent thigh abrasions.
  • The high compression design of the Underpants for Women allows you to show a wonderful figure in whatever you wear and be more confident!
  • Lift your butt to new heights with this sexy Womens Seamless Butt Lifter! Our butt lifters has circle openings on the back, which are designed to naturally lift up your bum.

 Are you ready get dressed at your best? Great! Go to and get yourself an Ultra Tummy Control Panties High Waist Shaping Butt Lifter Underwear Seamless Slimming Girdle as soon as possible!


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